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About Devart


Founded in 1997, Devart is currently one of the leading providers of database management software and ALM solutions for the most popular database servers.

We actively participate in integration programs and cooperate with a number of software providers and resellers in the database industry to unlock limitless potential for over 500К developers in 120 countries.

dbForge Studio for MySQL


MySQL GUI-Client für hochmoderne Verwaltung und Entwicklung von Datenbanken unter MySQL. Erweiterte Fähigkeiten Datenbanken visuell zu erstellen, Strukturen und Objekte zu verwalten, Benutzerkonten und Autorisierungen bestimmen, in gespeicherte Routineaufgaben Fehler beseitigen, Schema/Daten synchronisieren, etc. Hier bekommen Sie die Grundfunktionen kostenfrei.


Advanced Autocompletion, Pretty SQL Formatting,
Smart Code Refactoring


SQL Complete is an advanced solution for SQL database development, management, and administration. Available as an add-in for Visual Studio and SSMS, the tool offers excellent autocompletion capabilities.

Write, beautify, refactor your SQL code and give your productivity a dramatic boost with the features that are included in SQL Complete but are unavailable in SSMS and Visual Studio IntelliSense.

Double your daily productivity with our Oracle database software – an advanced IDE that helps increase your PL/SQL coding speed and provides versatile tools to facilitate effective Oracle development and administration.

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Compare Data in
SQL Server Databases


dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server is a powerful SQL comparison tool that easily copes with big data and supports native SQL Server backups. Using dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server, you can arrange a flawless SQL database comparison, quickly analyze SQL data differences, compare static data against a version-controlled database, generate comparison reports, and synchronize SQL Server data by means of the convenient wizard. The tool integrates with SQL Server Management Studio.

Compare SQL Server Schemas


dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server is a reliable database schema comparison tool that saves you time and effort when comparing and synchronizing SQL Server databases. SQL Compare allows you to work with live SQL Server databases, snapshots, script folders, and native backups.

You can compare your SQL Server databases, analyze differences, and perform error-free schema synchronization using generated SQL scripts. Besides, you can automate schema synchronization using the internal feature. The SQL diff tool integrates with SQL Server Management Studio.