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FusionCharts Suite Enterprise

FusionCharts Suite XT

Explore 100+ Charts and 2000+ Maps


FusionCharts provides over 100+ charts and 2000+ maps. With extensive documentation, a consistent API, and a range of customization options – FusionCharts is the most comprehensive JavaScript charting library that is loved by 750,000 developers across the globe. FusionCharts Suite XT includes FusionCharts XT, FusionWidgets XT, PowerCharts XT, and FusionMaps XT.

All our charts are designed to work on JavaScript, ReactVueAngularjQueryEmber, etc. Head to these charts to check out the code and visualization of each of these frameworks.


  • Column Chart
  • Combination Chart
  • Bubble Chart
  • USA Map
  • World Map with Drilldown
  • Chord
  • Sankey
  • Donut in 2D
  • Pie in 3D
  • Treemap Chart
  • Sunburst
  • Angular / Dial Chart
  • Radar / Spider Chart
  • Gantt Chart
  • Funnel chart
  • Box & Whisker Chart

FusionCharts XT


With 50+ chart types, FusionCharts XT consists of the most commonly used charts like column, line, and pie for your reports and dashboards.


FusionWidgets XT


From Gauges and KPIs to funnel and pyramid charts, FusionWidgets XT makes your dashboards and monitors a lot more insightful.



PowerCharts XT


With the inclusion of heat & treemaps, radar, and statistical charts, PowerCharts XT is a set of advanced charting widgets for domain-specific usage.



Create high-performance time-series visualizations and stock charts in JavaScript (HTML5)


FusionTime helps you visualize time-series and stock data in JavaScript, with just a few lines of code. Whether it’s a simple time-series chart, stock chart, millions of data points in a chart, or even complex multivariate analysis, you can render all of them with the same ease-of-use.


You get out-of-the-box interactivity like time navigator, date range selectors, tooltips with crosslines, interactive legend and much more. In addition, you can plot your data as column, line, area, candlestick, OHLC and even variants like stacked column & area, and overlay them with event and data markers.


And the best part is – the same chart runs across desktop, tablet and mobile, through responsive layouts, on all modern browsers – without any additional effort on your side.

Powerful features for better exploration of time-series data

Powerful time navigator

The time navigator, which is automatically rendered at the bottom of each chart, enables view of the entire data at a glance. The date range can be easily adjusted through the handlebars and further scrolled through.

Date range selectors

While the time navigator allows visual selection time range, the Standard range selector allows quick selection of business date ranges (e.g., week, month, quarter etc.). The custom range selector allows precise selection of start and end date/time.

Overlay of important events

Use event markers to indicate holidays (e.g., Christmas) or business specific events (e.g., start of a marketing campaign) on the time-axis for better interpretation of data. Show additional information for each event in tooltips.

Annotation of data

Use data markers to highlight specific events pertaining to data (e.g., split or dividends in case of stocks, server events in case of network monitoring) next to the data point. Show additional information for each event in tooltips.

Auto scaling of time-axis

Based on the size of chart, the time axis intelligently scales to show data aggregated by appropriate bin size, relevant major and minor ticks, which correspond to human-friendly dates.

Multi-canvas tooltip

When plotting multiple variables across vertically stacked canvases (multivariate analysis), multi-canvas tool-tips enables you to see data for each variable for any given time instant, along with vertical crosslines.

Plot Reference lines

Plot reference values (e.g., targets, thresholds etc.) as reference lines on any canvas in the chart, with a descriptive label and custom colors.

Support for linear and log axis

If the data is skewed towards large values or the need is to show percent change or multiplicative factors, switch from linear axis to logarithmic axis with one simple configuration.

Plotting of missing data

If the data has missing values for certain dates, the chart can plot the series with broken lines indicating that data is missing.


Export full dashboards in multiple formats (PDF, image). Go beyond export of individual charts – enable download of livedashboards or automatically generate them on server in an email-friendly format


FusionExport enables you to convert your live dashboards to PDF or images. It works with all JavaScript charting libraries (FusionCharts, HighCharts, d3, Chart.js or others) and is easy to install. It includes SDKs for Java, Node.js, C#, Go and many more.


Not only can you export a dashboard as-is, but you can also add new elements to the exported dashboard on-the-fly including your brand logo, colors, additional data in form of tables, and anything else that you want.

Powerful features to help you distribute your dashboards to anyone

Use with the tech stack of your choice

FusionExport provides SDKs for C#, Java, PHP, Python and Node.js to help you easily configure export of dashboards in your product. It is also completely cross-platform with support for Linux, Windows and Mac.

Works with all JavaScript charting libraries

Whether you use FusionCharts, HighCharts, d3, Chart.js or any other JavaScript charting or grid library, FusionExport can work with all of them seamlessly to export your dashboards. FusionExport is one solution, for all your needs.

More than just another screenshot library

Screenshot libraries can’t deal animation, interactivity on chart, landing states and broken layouts, and much more. Instead, they will just return a blank canvas, without the chart. FusionExport can not only solve these issues but also is optimized for high-burst high-performance output of dashboards.

8+ file formats supported

Whether you need your dashboards as PDF, or individual charts as PNG/JPG etc., FusionExport allows you to easily configure the output type. In addition, FusionExport automatically loads the relevant resources (e.g. logos in chart, CSS files) and automatically stitches them to the exported file.

Save exported dashboards to cloud

If you need to store the exported dashboards to Amazon S3 or have an FTP server in place, FusionExport allows you to easily configure this with just a couple of lines of code. You can use our CLI interface or your preferred language.

Secure data handling

Since FusionExport is available for on-premise deployment, you do not need to rely on cloud provides to send your sensitive data to get an export. Everything happens with your infrastructure, behind a firewall


Beautiful dashboards built using FusionCharts for web & mobile

Whether it is for sales & marketing, management, SaaS, or just for tracking key KPIs, our team of experts have built dashboard for whatever you do. Explore all the dashboards below and get their source code with a click of button for free.

Do you tell compelling stories with your data?


Narratives can summarize your data and make it memorable for all users. The FusionCharts product family can effectively communicate such narratives using the underlying data to tell compelling stories. Data stories use a series of linked visualizations to engage people and help them delve deeper into your data. Are you looking to build such interactive visualizations?


At FusionCharts, though we are no experts in data-driven journalism, we know how to communicate data and simplify understanding using visualizations. In fact, we have been doing it for over 16 years and have served 28,000+ customers across 118 countries.

People across the globe have been doing some incredible work around data-driven storytelling. We tip our hats to their amazing work which continually inspires us!

Our goal was to showcase the power of FusionCharts and how easily the FusionCharts Suite can be used to create such data stories. We selected the most compelling data stories available and recreated them using our product family. The stories showcased are by no means exhaustive, but they will give you a sense of FusionCharts library’s capabilities. Beyond the simple world of JavaScript charting, it can be used to tell enticing data-driven stories. Be the master of your data and narratives! Use our library to present engaging and informative data stories.


Fuel your app and website with the power of a JavaScript data grid component.


A highly responsive and customizable JavaScript data grid component that works with the same datastore you’re already using with FusionCharts. Makes it the perfect addition for your dashboard needs.


FusionGrid looks great on any device! With a responsive data grid solution that works seamlessly on all modern browsers.

Start building your dashboards with FusionGrid today.

What can you do with FusionGrid?

Filter, Sort & Search



FusionGrid enables you to Filter, Sort & Search the information on any of the relevant columns so that you can find the data quickly.

Performance For Large Datasets



The grid provides a richly featured component that allows very large data sets to be displayed without overloading the browser.

Responsiveness or Mobile Friendliness

FusionGrid is responsive and mobile-friendly to provide a consistent experience across devices.

Export (To Excel, CSV & JSON)


FusionGrid enables you to export the data as CSV, JSON, and Excel formats based on your choice.



3 Primary Front end frameworks (Angular, React, Vue) have been introduced as the integration components for the FusionGrid.



Present your users with multiple options to select rows and cells using the Selection API.


It is the most important component when you are dealing with large data. From controlling the page size to the appearance of breadcrumbs, control every aspect of pagination with a few flags.