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ComponentOne Overview

.NET UI controls are reusable design elements that help developers implement a wide variety of features in their .NET applications in less time. ComponentOne provides a complete set of high-performing, flexible .NET controls, including datagrids, charts, reports, input, and more.

Why Choose ComponentOne for Your .NET Applications?

UI Controls for Every .NET Platform

Accelerate app development across most .NET platforms including WinFormsWPFWinUI,


and more.

400+ Feature Rich Controls

Expand your Visual Studio toolbox with hundreds of .NET UI controls like datagrids and charts, equipped with modern styles and easy-to-use, built-in features.

Specialized Controls for Business Apps

Take your enterprise apps further with specialized controls for financial charting and BI/pivot tables built to achieve optimal performance.

.NET 7, NuGet, and VS Support

Build apps that target the latest version of .NET with seamless Visual Studio 2022 integration and NuGet package distribution for easy maintenance.

Powerful Server-Side Web APIs

Empower and extend your web apps with a server-side API that includes services for imaging, Excel, barcodes, data engine, PDF, and reporting.

Universal Data Management

Simplify your data layer with data service components for connecting, managing, and integrating data from multiple data sources.

Three Major Releases Per Year

We pledge our commitment to at least three major releases a year that include enhancements, new components, and maintenance releases throughout the year.

JavaScript UI Wijmo Controls

Studio Enterprise subscribers gain access to Wijmo’s JavaScript UI—featuring 100+ JavaScript UI controls with full framework support.

ActiveReports: The Industry-Leading Reporting Solution for .NET and JavaScript Developers


GrapeCity’s ActiveReports line of products is a complete developer reporting solution for both .NET and JavaScript. Deliver interactive reports with our intuitive and user-friendly designers and rich controls.

Deliver Powerful Reports With Our Intuitive and User-Friendly Report Designers and Controls


GrapeCity’s ActiveReports reporting solutions provide a familiar and flexible developer reporting tool and experience.

Customize reporting and styling to your needs, Create interactive reports with our .NET and JavaScript report designers that include drag and drop support.

Deliver reusable reports directly to your end users. They can use our interactive report viewers, export, or print directly on the client.


ActiveReports is a premium enterprise-level .NET reporting solution for web and desktop applications.

Deliver rich interactive reports with our feature-packed reporting solution for all platforms.

  • Build reports that utilize cross-platform reporting with .NET Core
  • Create interactive end-user report designers for web and desktop applications
  • Customize unique report types to fit your .NET reporting needs on the platform of your choice




ActiveReportsJS is a reporting solution for visualizing data in web-based JavaScript applications.

Includes standalone multi-platform design application with a rich set of controls.

  • Use with the report viewer component with support integrations for ReactAngularSvelteVueViteNext.js, and Nuxt.js
  • Customize and display report output using the report viewer interface
  • Choose the option that suits your needs with the flexible licensing model



What is Spread Studio 8?

Spread Studio 8 is ComponentOne’s most powerful suite of spreadsheet tools for application development, covering five major .NET platforms: Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight, and Windows 8 App Store application development. Spread Studio 8 is for everyone who needs awesome spreadsheet tools for business application development! And if you do .NET development for any of those five platforms listed above and aren’t already using Spread, you need to check out how versatile and powerful it is! If you’re a current user of the Spread Studio 8 components, then 100% backwards-compatibility with earlier releases means your projects can upgrade to this new version just by changing the references.


What’s new in Spread for WinForms

This new major release includes the powerful Table feature which shows cell ranges as a table. With filtering, banded rows, and built-in styles, it is the same as Excel. A new appearance is provided in this release. It is a minimalist, modern flat style, so you can change the control appearance to be the same as Excel 2013. Table Table is used to manage and analyze related data, sort, filter, and format data within a sheet. By using the table features, you can then manage the data in the table rows and columns independently from the data in other rows and columns on the worksheet.

New Skins With the new skins, you may change the default appearance of the control to flat style, remove any stylistic choices that give the illusion of 3D (such as drop shadows, gradients) and focus on a minimalist use of simple elements, typography and flat colors, It’s pure, simple, elegant and neat. We also we provide a skin to match the appearance of Excel 2013. Plus, there is a new tab strip layout, new header color scheme, selection, and more.

MultiRow MultiRow for WinForms is a powerful grid component which allows you to add custom tabular input and display screens to your Visual Studio applications. It has extensive flexibility that allows you to place cells anywhere on the grid surface, and create elaborate tabular displays with a record in multiple rows with borders and formatting. We enhanced MultiRow a lot in this release, from multi-touch support, a variety of CellTypes enhancements, layout enhancements, to enhancements of the Designer. 

Excel-like sample An Excel-like spreadsheet editor sample was added into the package. You’ll find a Ribbon, ContextMenu, Dialogs, and Formula TextBox in the sample, you may use it as reference for your application, reuse the code to save time without the need to build that sort of application from scratch.

What’s new in Spread for ASP.NET


This new major release supports modern browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. In addition, there is support when using Spread for ASP.NET in iPad for touch. New skins also available in ASP.NET. Modern browser support One big enhancement is that besides IE, Spread for ASP.NET now works in all modern browsers like Chrome, FireFox, and Safari.

Touch support in iPad Easily select, scroll, zoom, and edit with simple finger gestures on an iPad device. You’ll notice touch strip bar is also supported when touching the selection area.

New Skins Changes the default appearance of the control to flat style, removes any stylistic choices that give the illusion of 3D (such as drop shadows, gradients) and is focused on a minimalist use of simple elements, typography and flat colors. Again, It’s pure, simple, elegant and neat. We also we provide a skin to match the appearance of Excel 2013. Plus, there is a new tab strip layout, new header color scheme, selection, and more.