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What is Pcounter?

Whether it’s printer cost recovery, MFP/copier control, rules based printing, or simple print and copy tracking, Pcounter offers features that are flexible for any market.


Who uses Pcounter?

More than 20.000 companies and organizations worldwide use Pcounter for print and copy accounting, from primary schools and small offices to multinational companies and leading universities.


With more than 2 decades of knowledge, Pcounter has become the leading and most experienced tool on the market.

Why choose Pcounter?

” Because print jobs needs to be delivered, tracked and billed correctly the first time.

And it needs to be fast! No one likes to wait for their prints. “



Solid and scalable

Whether you have 2 printers or 2000, Pcounter can scale with your environment, serving everything from a small office to large multi-nationals or universities with tens of thousands of users. With the first version of Pcounter made available many years ago in 1992, the Pcounter development team, is highly experienced.


Pcounter - Make your pages count

Pcounter Web Administrator (PWA) is a web based management tool for accessing and managing your Pcounter server

About Pcounter Web Administrator

Pcounter Web Administrator (PWA) is a web-based management tool for accessing and managing your Pcounter server.


PWA is available securely using a web browser connection to your Pcounter Data server and supports management functions previously only available with the Pcounter Administrator Windows client tools.

PWA is an intuitive and functional web desktop user environment, suitable for core Print Server Administrators, and front desk operators alike.

PWA is available for free and is included as standard in Pcounter for Windows 2.80 or later.

MFP and Copier integration


Pcounter offers a wide range of software embedded terminals for multi-function printers.
Pcounter embedded software terminals enables the printers’ touch screen to be used to authenticate users, for secure pull-print release, entering client billing codes, user IDs and credit validation.  All usage activity is centrally logged in Pcounter for reporting.
Features and functionality of the embedded terminals depend on the specific device capabilities, and as a result there are minor differences in the features between the embedded terminals we offer.
Embedded software terminals offer great flexibility, functionality, and possibilities for customization.
Pcounter offers embedded software terminals for the following manufacturers:

Pcounter’s Secure Pull Printing allows users to output documents at the printer of their choice, and ensures confidentiality by only sending jobs to print when the user is physically at the printer.


This reduces the waste and expense of abandoned print jobs, while adding great flexibility and security.

About secure print

Pcounter provides Secure Print functionality using a number of technologies, including embedded software terminals, print release stations or simply releasing with networked based card-readers.

In a standard printing environment, users’ print jobs are sent directly to the printer for immediate printing. This results in wasted paper and toner when printing is forgotten or no longer needed and not collected. It also presents a security risk, since printed documents may contain sensitive or confidential information.

​​Pcounter secure print simplifies the solution by having users print to central pull print queues – where the print jobs will be held until released by users at the printer of their choice.

The Secure Print technology offers:
  • High Security – Jobs only print when released by the user
  • Productivity – let users pull the print jobs from the nearest networked printer or MFP
  • Flexibility – configurations can be combined between direct print, secure print and pull print
  • Cut cost – Consolidate devices
  • Reduce waste – no more uncollected jobs. No wasted paper or toner.  Pull printing can save up to 20% on paper usage.
  • Print release options

Pcounter will reduce printing costs and wasteful printing habits with rules and restrictions.

Rule-based printing

Pcounter can help enforce a sensible, workable print policy to effect dramatic reductions of paper, toner and device usage.

Pcounter is a server-based solution that can monitor print output from any client to devices from many manufacturers. 


Pcounter can enable management of printed pages, allowing automatic blocking, re-routing or re-scheduling of print jobs based on your defined policy:

  • Number of pages or copies
  • Document type – i.e. Internet page, Word, PDF, PowerPoint etc.
  • Size – bytes / paper size
  • Costs
  • Color / mono
  • Duplicate jobs
  • If printer is down


With rules activated you can minimize print waste by ensuring no duplicate print jobs are printed when a user prints the same job multiple times.


With rules activated you can ensure print jobs are routed to the most efficient machines, and that consumables are not wasted avoiding unnecessary costs.​

With print rules activated you can ensure that users automatically follow the print policy guidelines.

Pcounter Self-Payment Options

Pcounter offers many self-payment options.  Whether you are looking for credit card, cash, or a mix of both, Pcounter has several options to fit all budgets.

Because Pcounter has no user licensing, user account creation is also very simple to combine with the deposit of funds.  Users can create an account and then reload money as needed.

Pcounter Web Report


Pcounter Web Report 3 is the next generation reporting and analysis tool for Pcounter adding valuable analysis capabilities of the activity recorded by Pcounter via a comprehensive report generator, charts, and data manipulation tools, and interfaces which gives end-users and helpdesk staff the ability to view and manage print history and more in a simple protected interface.