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What is PowerBuilder?

Develop Windows Apps with DataWindow Technology, Rapidly.


Why PowerBuilder?

The hallmark of PowerBuilder has always been simple and productive app development, powered by DataWindow technology. Today, PowerBuilder supports developing a wide range of projects for on-premise or cloud deployment, including n-tier and Web API programming. Organizations with years of existing investments in PowerBuilder have a low-cost and low-risk path for modernization.

Internet-Accessible Apps

Rapidly develop n-tier apps with a REST API middle tier. Automatically recompile existing client/server projects for cloud deployment and replace aging VDI solutions.

Modern UI & UX

Create modern experiences for client/server and cloud apps with UI themes and modern controls, such as RibbonBar, WebBrowser, RichTextEdit, and more.

REST API Enablement

Easily expose business logic as REST APIs with powerful code generation tools & the .NET DataStore. Consume any Web API with either REST-specific or generic HTTP client.

Advanced Security

Secure apps with advanced approaches, such as application signing and integrity validation, strong data encryption, TLS 1.3, and leading token technologies.

Powerful IDE

Boost productivity with powerful IDE features, such as tabbed code editor, decoupled IDE & runtime, Git/SVN integration, continuous integration, and more.

OS & DB Compatibility

Make your apps compatible with the latest operating system and various relational databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP SQL Anywhere, and more.

New Features in 2022 R2
for Client/Server & Cloud Apps

Both your client/server or cloud apps will benefit from the plethora of new objects & controls.

Tabbed Windows

Open MDI sheets in a tabbed view by enabling this new option.

Auto Filtering

Filter and complete data in dropdown DataWindows and Listboxes automatically by enabling this new option.

Fillable PDFs

Create fillable PDFs with the RichTextEdit Control and further manipulate PDFs, such as adding a watermark and other security features.