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Why is the PRTG SLA plugin the right choice for you?


With the PRTG SLA plugin you benefit in various ways:

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Better visibility into service level agreement compliance
  • More efficient error detection and root cause analysis
  • Variable reports to use SQL Server Reporting Services and external reporting tools

PRTG SLA Plugin v3 - new features

Multiple PRTG Core Server Support
Combine data from multiple PRTG installations into a single SLA.

Groups and Users
It is now possible
to grant access to specific SLA groups and/or company reports.

Public Reports
Each SLA can be enabled for public access to allow users and your customers to view a specific SLA report with direct linkage without authentication.

Free Report Range Definition
Create an SLA report for any date range using a custom date picker.

Scheduled Reports
Send reports to as many contacts as you want at a scheduled time, for a specific period of time.

Smart SLA object definition
You can use filters to define which SLA objects should be defined and automatically included. Any new sensor in PRTG that meets your rules will automatically be included in your SLAs.

New SLA metrics
Improved data visualization, adding valuable data and calculations to all SLA views and reports.

PRTG SLA Reporter: Powerful SLA reporting to meet your service level agreements


Create detailed reports for easier SLA compliance & ensure 99.999% uptime

PRTG SLA Reporter at a glance


  • Automatically generate up-to-the-minute SLA reports, either on demand or scheduled
  • Define your required service level agreements & map dedicated PRTG sensors to them
  • Inform your stakeholders about SLA compliance directly via the native email functionality
  • Benefit from our web-based user interface for best usability & enhanced data visualization
  • Customize your SLA reporting using third-party tools you already have in your company

Why PRTG SLA Reporter is the perfect fit for you 

Create SLA reports across multiple PRTG installations


  • Report on SLAs based on historical data from PRTG (uptime & downtime)
  • Concentrate only on the data that really matters for your SLA reporting
  • Use report templates for quick report generation across multiple PRTG servers
Get detailed root cause analysis at a glance


  • Identify errors and bottlenecks using historical monitoring data from PRTG
  • Quickly view the root cause of downtime for easier analysis
  • Determine trends and use collected data for improved capacity planning
Enjoy highly customizable SLA reporting


  • Give access to only specific SLA groups or users, or make SLA reports publicly available
  • Define rules for automatically including PRTG sensors as data sources for your reports 
  • Configure maintenance windows to exclude false downtime from your reporting
Comprehensively view and analyze historical data


  • Store your SLA data separately from PRTG in an MS SQL database
  • Build up an archive of historical data as a backup & to compare trends
  • Make data-based decisions on future improvements regarding SLA compliance
Inform your stakeholders in an easy-to-understand way


  • Make your SLA calculations transparent to your stakeholders
  • Create custom SLA reports to display the exact information your stakeholders need
  • Report on SLA compliance to your stakeholders directly using the native email functionality
Easily integrate third-party reporting tools


  • Deploy external tools you already have in your company for creating SLA reports​
  • Extract monitoring data from PRTG via the PRTG API and save it to your SQL server
  • Use the data stored in your SQL database to generate custom reports