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Multi-purpose Serial-Ethernet redirection software


TCP-Com lets you easily access a serial device via a TCP/IP network or redirect Ethernet/IP data to real or “Virtual” RS232 serial ports.

TCP-Com is a six-in-one Serial-Ethernet tool:

1. Share devices over a network

Use TCP-Com as a PC-based serial device server (also known as a Terminal Server) to make any device accessible on a network.

Attach serial devices to your PC’s RS232 or USB ports and TCP-Com will make the data available at an IP address (and port number) on your network. Add additional USB or RS232 ports to your PC to make TCP-Com act as a multi-port Serial Device Server or Terminal Server.

2. Create virtual COM ports to receive network data

This allows you to send or receive data over a TCP/IP network using any existing COM port software.


Some software only recognizes data coming from RS232 COM ports. TCP-Com can easily create virtual COM ports and redirect Ethernet, Internet, or network data to these RS232 ports. This allows you to use any existing serial communications software to communicate over and collect data directly from your IP networks.

3. Feed RS232 COM port data to multiple PC apps or COM ports

Use TCP-Com as a virtual splitter cable.


Windows does not allow multiple applications to access the same COM port. Bypass this restriction by using TCP-Com to split a single COM port into multiple Virtual COM ports (which TCP-Com creates). This allows all your existing serial communications applications to access the same data.

4. Use an IP network as a giant RS232 cable
5. Open network COM ports as local COM ports
6. Map one network port to another network port
and more…


TCP-Com has many features to allow it to easily redirect any serial connection to TCP/IP or the other way around.

Usage Scenarios

  • Use TCP-Com as a virtual Serial Device Server connecting serial devices to TCP/IP networks
  • Make TCP/IP port connections act as virtual COM ports on any Windows PC
  • Make real COM ports function as TCP/IP port connections
  • Send TCP/IP network data to virtual or real COM ports
  • Communicate over a TCP/IP network using multiple serial devices connected to a PC

Additional Features

  • Advanced error recovery features for automatic repair of broken TCP/IP connections
  • Input data from up to 256 simultaneous COM ports
  • Input or output data with up to 256 TCP/IP connections as a client or server
  • Ability to connect to multiple clients as a TCP/IP server
  • Support for both UDP/IP and TCP/IP protocols
  • Support for up to 115Kb serial communications
  • Option to install TCP-Com as a Windows service

WinWedge® Pro with TCP-Wedge

RS232 / COM or Network data into any Windows app or field​

WinWedge Pro software inputs data from any RS232 serial, USB or Ethernet output device, including scales and balances, directly into Excel, or any Windows application. It can also transmit commands to your instruments, simulate keystrokes, and more.



WinWedge Pro easily collects data from balances, scales, gages, meters, sensors, and other RS232, USB or Ethernet output measuring devices and laboratory instruments. It inputs real-time device data directly into Excel spreadsheets, Access or medical databases… any Windows application.

Additional Features of WinWedge Pro:

  • Includes TCP-Wedge for Ethernet and IP network device data collection
  • Advanced data parsing, filtering and formatting options.
  • Support for binary as well as ASCII data,
  • Support for up to 100 serial ports and 10,000 network IP ports.
  • More advanced DDE options
  • Logs device data to files as well as to Windows applications
Wondering how WinWedge can help with your data transfer and automation needs?

Compatible Devices

WinWedge Pro is compatible with even more devices than WinWedge Standard, including devices with longer and more complex data output, Ethernet as well as RS232/USB connected devices, devices needing more control, binary and hex output devices as well as ASCII output:

  • Balances & Scales
  • Meters
  • Gauges
  • Calipers
  • Sensors

B-Coder® Pro

Professional Barcode-Generating Software

B-Coder Pro easily generates professional-quality barcode graphics and inserts them into any document, label, or graphic in applications like Photoshop, Word, Access, or Excel. B-Coder supports all types of barcodes including retail, document tracking, inventory, driver’s licenses and countless other applications & industries.


B-Coder lets you quickly and easily create and customize your perfect barcodes. Select from an array of popular symbologies to create professional barcodes for industries such as retail, inventory, and healthcare. You can even create 2D barcodes such as QR or PDF417 codes for driver’s licenses, documents, and more.

Simply enter a message, double click your mouse and your barcodes are instantly displayed on screen and copied to the clipboard for pasting into other programs. You can also save barcode images to files in most image formats including vector formats (.JPG, .TIF, .PNG, and many others).

Typical use cases include…

  • Generating high-quality barcode graphics
  • Generating business, industrial, and marketing barcodes
  • Customizing all aspects of your barcodes
  • Integrating with Microsoft Word

Wondering how B-Coder can help with your barcode and label production needs?

Supported Barcodes

B-Coder Pro can generate many barcode types, including…


1D Linear Barcodes

  • Code 39 (Normal & Full ASCII)
  • UPC-A (12 digit)
  • UPC-E (6 digit)
  • UPC-E1
  • EAN-8 & EAN-13
  • Bookland
  • Interweaved 2 of 5
  • Discrete 2 of 5
  • CodaBar
  • Code 93
  • Code 128
  • GS1 128 (formally EAN/UCC 128)
  • PostNet
  • BPO 4 State Code


2D Matrix Barcodes

  • QR Code
  • PDF417
  • Aztec Code
  • Data Matrix
  • MSI Plessey
  • GS1 Databar Omnidiretional (formally RSS-14)
  • GS1 Databar Stacked
  • GS1 Databar Stacked Omnidirectional