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VRTourMaker 1.6
adheares to Easypano’s fine tradions

VRTourMaker advocates simplicity, easiness, and high-efficiency. User can create high quality virtual tours more easily and high-efficiently with VRTourMaker.

Being professional is our faith. HTML5 format file that VRTourMaker created can be played from basic latest PC / Mac browser and smartphone.

VRTourMaker 1.5
has updates as follows


To promote
working efficiency


Virtual tours more easily and high-efficiently because of many default operations in VRTourMaker.


VR Mode


The publishing result can be viewed on two-eye mode over smartphone.



To optimize


HTML5 format file that VRTourMaker created can be played from basic latest PC / Mac browser and smartphone.


Panoweaver 10 new

How to stitch Panorama with Panoweaver?

Simple, 3 steps to stitch panorama and normal photos
Import source images

• Support source images shot by all camera types Wide angel/ Normal/Fisheye/(Full circular, Drum, Full frame)/multiple rows of images
• Support source images:jpeg,png ,bmp,tga, tiff, Camera RAW file and 16bit image

Stitch automatically

• Automatic Stitching: No or less user-interaction, several key processings such as:fisheye-region detection,corresponding points matching, stitching parameter-optimization, remapping and blending
• Support to stitch all types of panorama:Spherical Panoramas/ Cubic Panoramas/Cylindrical panorama/Giga pixels panorama/Littleplanet panorama

Save and Publish

• Image save formats: JPEG/PNG/TIF/BMP/Tiff16(best image quality for print)/PSD(easy to be processed by Photoshop)
• Publish formats: HTML5, Flash VR, *.SWF
• Supported publishing platforms:PC、mobile、smartphone、glasses,etc win、mac adapts to user-defined browser window,publish once,view everywhere

Tourweaver 7

Tourweaver 7 is a professional virtual tour creating software. It presents a real 360 degree world with panoramic view and transition. Sounds, Video, Maps and more great features can be explored in virtual tour.HTML5 format virtual tours created by VRTourMakernew can be viewed on phones. VRTourMaker is another virtual tour creating software. The format is html5 and can be viewed on phones. It can create virtual tours more easy and high-efficient, more.

Panoramic Tripod heads Easypano JTS-Rotator SPH


As a professional panorama photographer, except the DSLR camera and fisheye lens, a panoramic tripod head is also very essential. Panoramic tripod head would be quite helpful in shooting high quality panoramas due to two features. First, it is easy for users to set the camera position on nodal point, which is the intersection of horizontal axis and vertical axis. This design offers best performance of stability and precision to the keen amateur and professional photographers. Users can rotate his camera horizontally with vertical axis unchanged, avoiding the problem of parallax. Second, a panoramic tripod head also makes panorama processing easier and more systematic. It will save you lots of time when stitching images with Panoweaver. Easypano JTS-Rotator SPH is an easy-to-use panoramic tripod head, which is worth your priority selection.
Working principle of Easypano JTS-Rotator SPH
The basic technology that makes Easypano JTS-Rotator SPH easy and accurate to shoot panoramas is fairly simple. Easypano JTS-Rotator consists of three basic parts: Horizontal Rotator, Stand and Camera Sliding Plate. As illustrated in picture right, when the Horizontal Rotator and the Stand are added to a tripod, the camera fixed on the Sliding Plate can be rotated horizontally 360 degree in the same point relative to the position of tripod. We can also adjust the node of JTS-Rotator SPH to shoot images of ceiling and floor, so that we can get a professional 360-degree panoramic photo horizontally and vertically.