Our Services

Sofware Distribution, E-learning Courses Development, Cloud Solutions Development, Training and Technical Support

Software Distribution & Marketing

We license our software through strategic sales and marketing, ensuring customer access and business success.

E-learning Courses Development

We leverage over 20 years of expertise to create high-quality e-learning courses tailored to your training needs.

Cloud Solutions Development

We specialize in crafting tailored cloud solutions, encompassing LMS, document management, and AI technologies to meet your unique needs.

Cloud Infrastructure & Networking

We excel in establishing secure and resilient cloud infrastructure, featuring load balancing, failover, backup, and disaster recovery solutions.


Our software training is led by industry experts, offering invaluable insights and expertise for your team’s success.

Technical Support

We offer 24/7 technical support through email, phone, or onsite assistance, ensuring your project’s success at any time.

The most customizable LMS for corporate brands

Attain your corporate learning objectives with our highly customizable e-learning platform

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Develop interactive e-learning courses

You can effortlessly and cost-effectively create interactive courses that incorporate games and animations (gamification) without the requirement of an in-house IT team.


In the sketching phase, initial ideas and concepts for a project are roughed out on paper or digitally. This creative process allows for quick exploration of design possibilities.


During the design phase, the ideas from the sketch are refined and shaped into a detailed plan. This includes defining the visual aesthetics, layout, and user experience to create a blueprint for the project.


Testing involves evaluating the project to identify and rectify any issues, bugs, or usability problems. It's a crucial step in ensuring the functionality and user-friendliness of the final product.


Development is the actual implementation of the project based on the design and testing feedback. It encompasses coding, building, and assembling all the elements to create the final working product or system.